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about me 

Aszana López-Bell is fashion designer, student, and dreamer from Baltimore, Maryland. 

In May of 2021 I received a BA in International Studies with a minor in Global Asia Studies, and as of January 2023, I work full time at a costume shop in New York City.

Focusing on texture and abstract shapes, I create my work over a series of months and late-night phone calls –focusing on my identities as a Black woman, sister, and daughter; incorporating my interests in gothic and Victorian aesthetics; and taking inspiration from music I'm listening to [over and over]. Every six months I feel the need to change my look drastically, and I'm rarely out of ideas.

I stay up late imagining or watching kdramas, love my 6 siblings forever&ever, plan on learning 5 languages, and blast music out of the car on long drives. 

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