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spring 2019
satin chiffon, muslin
appears in "High", in collaborations

Made for 'Wearable Technology', a class I took Spring 2019 at Haverford College, 'Demasiada' is an artistic opposition of biometrics. Shoshana Magnet describes biometrics as a science which “presupposes the human body to be a stable, unchanging repository of personal information from which [one] can collect data about identity.” 

In my project I wanted to challenge this idea of the body as unchanging and basic by creating something exactly the opposite. My dress is showy, tacky, and purposely over the top– its shape makes the body’s form unseeable, calling attention away from the body, while its color and design can’t help but draw us to the body– and in this way it mocks biometrics. With lots of advice from my mom, and help from those closest to me, I made 'Demasiada'.

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