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AYAM I MAYA., Senior Recital Film

Costume Designer, Stylist , Production Assistant

featured work: ruching study

October 2020

Abby T., "High"

Costume Designer, Production Assistant

July - August 2020

featured work: demasiada

"Keeping in mind the ideas of Afrofuturism, I hope to create something inherently feminine and Black, which can serve as a tool for uplifting and protecting Black womxn." read more here

Anti-Surveillance Mask for the Black Feminine

September 2019


modeled by Aishah Collison-Cofie

video by Amira Green

Black Face, White Mask 

Director, Stylist, Media Director

Black Face White Mask takes inspiration from current events, the politics of being of color on a PWI campus, and a book by Frants Fanon of a similar title (Peau Noire, Masques Blancs). 
The first act, Suffocation, examines the feelings of students of color on campus, and the common themes of fear always on their minds. 
Exploitation reviews the workers' strikes in France starting in November of 2018, relating them to the Baltimore Uprising and to student workers' experiences on campus. 
The third and final act is Liberation. It is a psychical freeing of the burdens of being a student of color on campus, and an embracing of the joys of the experience. 
Each act explores the experiences of Haverford students of color and their collective "masking". We hope you enjoy it. 

– taken from the BFWM pamphlet, March 2019 

March 30th, 2019 

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