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collection #1

Birth of a Rose

aszana fw22

becoming more of myself, falling in love, taking risks; blooming; the birth of a rose

design boards

Focusing on roses, Victorian garments with tightness around stomach, fullness at backside, shine, and flower adornments. Gothic lolita icons and women I look up to.



First starting with sketches that came just came to mind, or looking back at old work. Moving on to roses, translating real roses into draped roses, then making these more abstract. Thinking of the Victorian bustle without the taffeta and dress, imagining it on a skirt. Gathering was important and so were seams. I loved the big pinned shape and wish I'd stuck with it.  Experimenting with paneling and princess seams to contour the body, prioritizing a low waist. I'd drawn this dress since 2020 and finally was able to make it. 

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